Common Questions about Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet cleaning is a subject of concern for many homeowners. We have addressed some of their most pressing concerns.

What is the importance of carpet cleaning gordon?

Capet cleaning makes carpets spotless, and removes all dirt. The carpet’s life expectancy is also preserved because all stains can be effectively eliminated. Carpet cleaning isn’t the only benefit.

Carpets with dirt can be contaminated by mold, mildew and allergens such as pollen, mites, dog dander, pet hair, and pollen. Carpet cleaning is a good way to keep your family safe and maintain healthy indoor air quality.

How frequently should carpets be cleaned?

Regularly clean carpets. It should be vacuumed at least 3 times per week and then deep cleaned every couple of months. Professional cleaning services are available if you don’t have the time or space to vacuum.

Can frequent cleaning cause damage to your carpet’s life?

Regular cleaning will prolong the carpet’s life rather than destroying it. It is important to remove all residues from your carpet. This will only attract dirt and can cause damage to the fibers.

Do you need professional carpet cleaning?

Carpet cleaning professionals do a great job and are worth the investment. The carpet cleaning service can remove dirt and stains from carpets and make them spotless.

Carpet cleaning services use the most advanced equipment and chemicals to clean them. They also have trained staff that is familiar with all types of carpet and cleaning techniques. Their results will be better than yours.

How often should you use cleaning services.

Professional cleaning should be done once every twelve to 18 months, depending on how much traffic your carpets are exposed to.

Can you use any carpet spot-removal product?

Only use high-quality cleaning products that are guaranteed to not damage the fibers or fade the color. You can endanger your carpet by using any other cleaning product.

Read the label before you purchase any spot-removal product. Avoid using any spot remover that contains OXI as it may cause the color to fade.

Another thing you should know: rinse the spot remover with cold water after use.

What causes spots to appear on carpets?

Spots that reappear in the same spot are usually due to the fact you didn’t remove them properly the first time. This is why you should use quality cleaning products that penetrate the carpet fibres. Professional cleaning is recommended if the spots remain.

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