Get a Tailgating Flagpole to Stand Your Ground

Friday , 31, March 2023 Leave a comment

Tailgating Atlantic Flagpole allow you to clearly stake your territory and display your true colors at the next tailgating party or camping trip. You can choose from either light aluminum or flexible fiberglass tailgating flagpoles. Telescoping flagpoles make it easy to set up and store in your trunk. Avoid any telescoping pole whose sections don’t lock in place. This will ensure that the pole doesn’t fall when wind picks up or when partygoers get rowdy!

Tailgating poles that are over twenty feet tall can support flags as big as three feet in height and five feet in length.

There are two main types of tailgating flagpole mountings: trailer hitch mounts and wheel stands.

Trailer hitch mounts attach on to the hitch of your car, RV, or truck. The mount can be attached to the hitch by simply sliding it onto the hitch. Secure the mount with the pin included. If the flagpole has sections, place the bottom section into the hole and then attach the rest of your pole. You might need to assemble taller poles first.

Because they are so simple to set-up, wheel stands are far and away the most popular tailgating flagpole mount. You can place the steel foot underneath one of your tires. Insert the flag into the mount. The included screw will secure the flag in place.

Flags are not the only thing that tailgating flagpoles can fly. They also have the ability to fly pennants or ribbons, pennants or windsocks as well as flags.

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