Herbal Ally, Mysterious Mushrooms

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The Catskill mountains of upstate New York’s Catskill Mountains are filled with medicinal, magical mushrooms as the seasons change. “Toadstool”, a name that refers to the numerous mushrooms that appear between rains is a more technical term. Fungi are plants. They don’t have flowers, roots or chlorophyll. Some mushrooms can have strange, sexy shapes. Others can grow in the darkness and glow in the dark. To make mushrooms a constant part of your daily diet, there are other reasons. Is avoiding cancer enough of a reason to eat mushrooms? Visit our website and learn more about psilocybin capsules.

It’s true. It’s true. Even the common white button mushrooms in supermarkets are capable of preventing and reverse cancerous cellular mutations. We don’t know why. Perhaps it’s because mushrooms search for, concentrate and share the trace minerals necessary to support strong and healthy immune system. Maybe it’s the richness of polysaccharides, interesting complex sugars that are all around health-promoters. It could also be that mushrooms are good sources of protein as well as B vitamins. However, they have very low calories and contain little sodium. The stalk, caps, gills, as well as the underground structures (mycelia), all contain anti-cancer, pro-tumor, antibacterial, and other compounds.

It is important to properly cook mushrooms. Scientists from the University of Nebraska Medical School discovered in mice that ate unlimited amounts of raw mushrooms, Agaricus bisporus, that they developed malignant tumors significantly faster than a control group.

August and September bring me joy wherever I go. Whether I’m walking barefoot across vibrant green mosses or gently stepping on the deeply-scented pine and hemlock nees, or climbing rocky outcrops studded with ferny cheekers or skirting swamps humming in mosquitoes; or whether I’m following the banks of a flowing stream or balancing on old stones walls inhaling righteous smells of rot, I’m always on the scent of righteous to my friends.

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